About us

Through a joint cooperation between the KZN Office of the Premier: Youth Development Chief Directorate, KZN Department of Education, eThekwini Municipality, African Renaissance and Diplomatic Corps in KwaZulu-Natal, a programme to promote the access to bursaries and scholarships for youth in the province has been developed. 

A major goal of the project is to encourage students to study and extend their working experience beyond South African borders. 

Every year, a large number of foreign governments, organisations and universities offer funding to scholars and students to study internationally through a wide variety of programmes. Many students are not aware of the bursary options that are available and often the available bursaries are not utilised each year. 


Available Bursaries

The study programmes on offer include specialised skills programmes, undergraduate, master, doctoral or post-doctoral degrees covering many different fields of interest. 

The length of the study programmes can vary from a few days, weeks, months or years depending on the course and offer available.

Each bursary has its own entry requirements and eligibility criteria and is often dependent on prior  admission to a university. 

Please note that generally a high standard of academic achievement is required as obtaining a bursary is extremely competitive due to the high demand for these funds.

Please note

Read through the information carefully for each bursary and ensure that you meet all the minimum criteria and adhere to the submission deadlines. Information provided by the granting agency supersedes any information provided on this website.

The amount of financial support offered varies greatly. The bursary offer may include tuition, accommodation, living costs, stipends, and other costs including travel to host countries if applicable. Please check that any bursary applied for meets all your needs as arriving in a foreign country without adequate finances is not easily remedied.

The countries represented in these pages change constantly and students are encouraged to check back regularly for new opportunities. This list is not exhaustive of all opportunities.