Student Testimonials


Paula Louw

So, why exactly did I choose to study here in Hungary? To be honest, I knew very little about the place when I applied. The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme looked absolutely fantastic and covered nearly all the expenses and requirements of living abroad, so I gave it a shot, and looking back its one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

 Hungary is a very unique place – the language is Uralic in origin, and thus completely different to the other widely spoken Indo-European language. Of course, living in a country where you don’t speak the national language is one of the biggest challenges of moving abroad and at times it has been difficult and frustrating. However, English is spoken widely, especially amongst the younger generation, and by university professors and lecturers. It is the language of science and academia and therefore to have successful studies at a university here English will more than suffice. But making a few Hungarian friends to help translate while travelling around the country or going to do admin at government offices it definitely a good investment.


Harvard University in the United States of America

Sasasa Dlamini 

  I have really enjoyed my experience in my first year academically. At first, it was a difficult transition to adjust to. There was also a great deal I needed to learn really quickly in order to cope well. However, it has been a great journey.

   I have been lucky enough to have a great support system of friends, mentors and professors who have made the shift easier to manage. I think this year was also made great by the amazing resources I’ve been privileged enough to have access to.   

Learning from industry experts and thought leaders directly has been inspiring every day and made critically analysing every aspect of a system or an idea a habit. After learning about subject matter only through theory for a long time in high school, it has been refreshing to get a real-world perspective to the things that I care about.