A major goal of the project is to encourage students to study and extend their working experience beyond South African borders to promote the exchange of ideas and empower our citizens to become more competitive in the global economy. The opportunity to study internationally offers an excellent opportunity for students to grow academically, professionally and personally. 

KZN Premier Willies Mchunu 

From the dawn of democracy, the South African government has conceptualized, experimented with and implemented various programmes and strategies aimed at advancing youth development in the country.  However, such programmes, cannot yield positive results without partnerships.

Indeed, youth is an important life stage in human development. It covers a wide age range. With young people moving through adolescence on their way to becoming independent adults. It is a significant period of development—physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. 

Having said that, our vision as the provincial government is for all young people to grow up safe and healthy. More importantly we want the young people of our province to have access to education including access to higher education in order to achieve socio-economic transformation thus eliminating poverty, unemployment and inequality.

However, Government cannot achieve this vision alone. It requires a collective effort.

That is why we value the participation of diplomatic corps in the launch of this International Youth Scholarship Programme as we need to work together to build the future of this country.

As the government of KwaZulu-Natal we believe that the provision of these scholarships  serve as a critical intervention in assisting our young people to access institutions of high learning.

Consequently, initiatives such as career education and development, career exhibitions, internship and graduate development programmes are essential to this.

In conclusion I want to once again quote our former President Nelson Mandela who once said: “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation”.

EThekwini Mayor Cllr Zandile Gumede 

Learners are encouraged to take advantage of the various International Student Scholarship and Exchange Programme opportunities available, as they will provide the basis for social upliftment and enhance  employment potential.  

Learners accepted in this programme will come back home with new skills, innovative ideas coupled with the experience of different cultures. The international exposure and experience will ensure a competitive advantage in their chosen careers and allow them to compete globally. 

In order to promote the uptake of international bursaries the City will play a coordinating role in terms of supporting the learners and will also assist with:  

·        Emergency travel costs – these costs include flight cost for a student to attend a funeral for his/her parent/guardian or his/her child. In the case of a guardian proof of guardianship is to be provided.  

·        Incidental costs – these costs relate to local transport costs, local accommodation in respect of orientation, medical assessment, visa application, passport application, and once-off advance living allowance where applicable.  

The youth are the close to my heart and they need to reap the benefits of the opportunities to promote career development and empower youth that we are bringing to their attention.  

As said Nelson Mandela, “Young people must take it upon themselves to ensure that they receive the highest education possible so that they can represent us well in future as future leaders.”   

Prof Sihawukele Ngubane (Chairperson of the African Renaissance Trust) 

 The African Renaissance Trust is delighted to have entered into an agreement with the KZN Office of the Premier, the KZN Department of Education, Mr Andrzej Kiepiela, the Dean Consular Corps of the European Member States and the eThekwini Municipality to promote the awareness of the opportunities available to our youth to further their studies internationally.

 As the Academic Head for Teaching and Learning in the School of Arts in the College of Humanities at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, access to funding through the promotion of international bursary funds is close to my heart. Our youth need to be encouraged and enabled to up skill themselves for the benefit of not only their lives but also the communities that they serve now and in the future.

  When you finish your course or study programme and return home, you will do so with new perspectives on culture, language skills, and people. You would also have acquired a great education and have had new experiences. Needless to say, all of these attributes are very attractive to future employers.